Polished Brass or Gold Plated?
Gold plated versus Polished Brass.

Polished Brass or Gold Plated?

We often speak to clients who say they have polished brass taps, but when they tried to polish them, found the colour changed to a dull silver!
“What have I done and what can I do?”

All this time they have possessed gold plated taps, but now they have buffed off the gold to expose a base-coating of matt nickel plating. At this stage the choice is yours…
A gold plated tap will require no buffing to keep the shine, but cleaning should only be carried out using a piece of chamois with a weak soapy solution and a duster to dry any water spots.

A polished brass tap will need a bit of Brasso to take back the oxidisation, but generally however bad they get, it won’t take too much to bring them back to a deep lustre.
Gold plating is a 3 layer process of copper, nickel and gold. We have a few different shades, to suit most tastes.
Tell us which you prefer when placing your order. Keith – 07583 406 571
Our full range of finishes can be found HERE.

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