Tap Refurbishment, what do I do first?

Tap Refurbishment, what do I do first?

People often ring up and ask how much it will cost to refurbish their taps, but as all taps are very different, it is best to start with a picture emailed to us, that way we can all know the type, style and colour of the piece(s) in question.

Have a think about whether you would like to take this opportunity to change the finish and plating that your old taps are in.

We also do a lot of work with listed properties that don’t want any external work done. In this case only the internal refurbishment takes place, although it pains us to only be doing ‘half of the job’.

If you can’t be without your taps, let us know and we’ll see if we can find some loan taps to fill the void, for a small administration fee.

Talk to us about YOUR choices and requirements. Keith – 07583 406 571
Send your pictures to,  info@taprefurbishment.co.uk
See a before and after comparison here

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