Polished brass 3/4″ BSP stand pipes.
3/4" bib taps on stands.

Polished brass 3/4″ BSP stand pipes.

We have been selling the brass 3/4″ bib taps for while now, and a client recently asked if we had stands to match.
Seeing a chink in our armour, we set about bridging the gap.
These solid, polished brass, heavy-weight items have been made with a wall thickness of approx 4.5mm, so they are up to the rigours of almost any use.
The models in the picture raised the taps by 6″ and extended the reach by 3″.
We have made them more recently as bespoke items, so just give us your dimensions and we’ll create them to your specification.
Priced at £299 for a pair.
For more details, talk to Keith on  07583 406 571

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