More comparative photos – Before & after
Another great AFTER shot.

More comparative photos – Before & after

Just to push home the big difference that we can make to your taps, here are a few pictures…

And this is the tired BEFORE pic.

After –


Before –


Bath mixer taps – before

And after…

Bath and basin taps – before…

After – A matching set.

Kitchen taps – before

Kitchen taps that look and work like new

An old bath shower mixer (low quality camera phone picture)

And now in their resplendent nickel plated glory –
Reclaimed and Refurbished
Dull and lifeless, leaky old basin taps –

After restoration – shining bright…

This antique letterbox has seen more than its fair share of Royal Mail deliveries –

And after polishing & nickel plating –

A 1980’s gold bath spout shows it’s age –

A 4-piece bath filler set in all it’s golden glory –

These Australian Globe Taps have only just survived the decades –

Here they are before being sent back down-under –

More to follow –
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