Welcome To Tap Refurbishment

Welcome To Tap Refurbishment

Welcome to the home of tap restoration services.

Here we can give your old, worn taps the new lease of life that they deserve. 99% of ‘failed taps’ can be resurrected.
The majority of taps are made from brass and are plated for easy care, in nickel, chrome or gold. An alternative is to polish the natural brass. The finish can be chosen to suit your décor. We can deal with your enquiries over the phone, using e-mail or through the post. Feel free to browse the pages of our site.

So if your plumber tells you that your antique taps can’t be repaired, get a second opinion from the team who WANT to fix them, because we know that refurbished old taps, are better than the new “disposable” items being shipped in from overseas.
If you have any questions, concerns or special requirements, feel free to call and have a chat with our experts to find out more about the services we can offer.
There are over two hundred pages to our website, so take a seat and have a look around…

Tel : 07583 406 571


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